3 Things To Know Before Your 2018 Insurance Benefits Expire

By: Dr. Seth Hosmer, DC

The end of the year is only just over two months away! Whether or not you’re anticipating changes to your insurance plan in 2019, here are a few reasons to take full advantage of your current plan:

1. Your alternative care benefits likely expire at the end of the year.
If you’ve been experiencing musculoskeletal pain and have been putting off getting evaluated and treated, call us to make an appointment before it’s too late! Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and naturopathic fall under alternative care, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of your insurance plan.

2. If you have met your deductible
If you have met your insurance deductible for the year, now is a great time to get your last appointments in and get treated at a minimal cost to your wallet. Most insurance plans run on the calendar year, meaning your deductible will reset on January 1st.

Unsure if you’ve met your deductible? Give us a call at (503) 227-2279 and we’ll be happy to call your insurance company for you to find out.

3. Your Health Savings Account might expire at the end of the year
Some HSA accounts expire at the end of every year. If you still have credit on your account and you have symptoms that need treatment, make sure to come in and take advantage of your HSA before it’s too late!

Questions? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help navigate your chiropractic and naturopathic benefits (503) 227-2279