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Brianna Walle Talks Prepping for Going Pro

By: Dr. Seth Hosmer, DC

Local Oregon racer and Hosmer Chiropractic athlete Brianna Walle is halfway done with her first race for her new team. After dominating OBRA racing as well as regional events for the past couple of years, for 2013 Brie got the call up to the big leagues, and she’s racing as a pro for the Optum p/b KBS squad.

She’s two races into the four-race Merco Cycling Classic stage race in Merced, California. In the first stage, Walle’s teammate, Lauren Hall, made the break and stuck in there for fifth place. Walle patrolled the front on her teammate’s behalf, and then won the field sprint for sixth place with teammate Leah Kirchmann hot on her heels in 7th.

As if that weren’t an impressive enough debut, today Walle faced the 19.3km Merced Boosters Time Trial – and she gutted her way to an amazing fourth place in the race against the clock.

Mean sprint? Check. Great sustained power? Check! That’s a rare combination, and one that’s sure to see plenty more results come her way.

So how did Brie prep for her stint with the pros? We certainly can’t take all of the credit – Brie is a phenomenal athlete, and she’s worked extremely hard to earn this opportunity. But when she was invited into the pro ranks, she turned to Hosmer Chiropractic to help support her dream. She’s written several excellent blog posts about her preparation, and they’re well worth a read.

Here are some snippets:

Regarding her transition to focused training to maximize her chances as a Pro racer:

When I was first invited to race for Optum p/b KBS, the first question that came about was “wow….where do I start training?” I was used to riding when I wanted with whomever I wanted – I didn’t keep track of my training hours or focus on training. I just rode my bike,hard or harder. I knew that taking my racing career to the next level meant a deeper focus on skills and triggering specific workouts to help me get to the next level. Likewise, when to push and how and when to rest. [My coach] Josh is super attentive to my needs and goals for the season. He has crafted a training plan that works best for me, so that training doesn’t seem like a task but rather a part of my daily life. Josh works through the Hosmer Chiropractic clinic, which offers not only coaching services, but bike fitting, chiropractic, massage and general well-being programs.


About the bike fitting process, and the thoroughness of Seth Hosmer’s and Joe Holcomb’s approach:

We started the FIT with an in-depth, personalized body assessment with Seth Hosmer. He asked me various questions about any pains I experience on the bike, he looked over my posture and pinpointed several problematic areas that I experience on and off the bike. This included: middle rhomboid soreness, lower lumbar tightness and left knee soreness during long, continuous climbs. Seth, along with pro fitter, Joe Holcomb, determined that the soreness is likely due to my old bike fit and some pre-existing conditions. I was riding for a long time in a position that was not kind to my body and, over time, my body adapted, causing irritating issues. The fit was extremely thorough (3 hours total), including the physical assessment and bike adjustments: cleat, handlebar, stem and seat-post adjustments.

It’s amazing how one can get used to a poorly fitting bike for so long and discover what it should feel like. The biggest benefit of a personalized fit is not only increased comfort on the bike, but increased power and efficiency with every pedal stroke. Within two hours of riding after the FIT, I felt more comfortable and confident on the bike.

Brie shares a whole bunch more about her experience training for this huge first season as a pro, going through the team training camp and what it’s like racing with some of the world’s best. We’re incredibly honored to be working with such a phenomenal athlete who’s humble, great to be around, and – amazingly – still getting better and better.

We’ll continue to run updates on Brie’s progress here on our blog, as well as on the Hosmer Chiropractic Health Facebook page – if you haven’t already, please come “Like” us there. We also encourage you to follow along on with Brie this season on her blog, at