New Year, New Benefits!

By: Jen Goff-Hawkins

It’s a New Year! For most, this means an updated insurance plan where a deductible has likely reset or perhaps new benefits altogether. For those with set insurance plan years not following the calendar year, this information will not apply to those plans until they are eligible to reset. In order to get the most use out of your insurance benefits, it’s best to start the year out informed and…

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3 Things To Know Before Your 2018 Insurance Benefits Expire

By: Dr. Seth Hosmer, DC

The end of the year is only just over two months away! Whether or not you’re anticipating changes to your insurance plan in 2019, here are a few reasons to take full advantage of your current plan: 1. Your alternative care benefits likely expire at the end of the year. If you’ve been experiencing musculoskeletal pain and have been putting off getting evaluated and treated, call us to make an appointment…

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