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HCH Elite Racing Team – Cort Buchholz

By: Phil DeVasto

Cort Buchholz joined the HPChiro-RPM Mortgage team in 2012 as a relatively new Cat 2. Since that time he has proven himself as one of the strongest riders in Oregon, but he has been battling debilitating back pain along the way. A team with a top-notch chiropractor who specializes in treating cyclists is, naturally, the perfect fit.

Thanks to Hosmer Chiropractic’s support, the team is excited to unleash a healthy Cort on the Northwest. Here’s some testimonial Cort recently sent in.

From Cort:
Dr. Seth Hosmer is a consummate professional and he is exceedingly knowledgeable as a chiropractor, especially as it relates to high-level athletes. As an elite-level cyclist, I especially appreciate Seth’s own bike racing background. He has an understanding of the issues that most cyclists face and therefore is able to remedy any of the issues I’ve been dealing with far more quickly than other people I’ve consulted over the years.

I also greatly appreciate the time that Seth takes to walk his patients through the exercises and stretches that will help to prevent future problems and minimize treatments. I’ve been treated by several physical therapists and chiropractors, and I usually find my visits to be hurried – the opposite has been the case with Seth.

I’ve also received some of the best sport-specific massages by Hosmer Chiropractic’s staff and, most recently, I received an excellent, super-pro bike fit by Joe Holcomb, the bike fit expert at Hosmer Chiropractic. Joe is very knowledgeable with years of practice fitting cyclists of various levels and flexibility to achieve a good balance between power and comfort on the bike. It’s very clear to me that Seth expects excellence of himself and those that he works with.

For more about the HPChiro-RPM Mortgage Cycling, check out the team website, and Facebook page.