HCH Elite Racing Team – Johnathon McCoy

By: Dr. Seth Hosmer, DC

McCoy_Blackwelder_248460_1991631104286_5069252_n-608x405Photo Credit: Mark Blackwelder


Jonathan McCoy found his way into cycling as a commuter, and he only made a transition to bike racing upon moving to Portland a few years ago. He upped his game in 2010 and quickly moved into the Category 2 ranks.

Like many athletes who increase their training loads and intensities to improve, Jonathan encountered some physical issues as he pushed his body. Hosmer Chiropractic has helped to keep him on track as he pursues his goals as a racer.

Jonathan had the following to say about his experience with Hosmer Chiropractic.

From Jonathan:
“I had inflammation and mild pain in my right knee after rides, and Dr. Hosmer was able to diagnose damage to my meniscus. He has been helping me to get the knee to track correctly and to address the problem. Dr. Hosmer has also adjusted my bike fit to help out with the issue in my knee – and that’s taken away any problems I’ve had from riding.  Dr. Hosmer diagnosed tightness in the back of right hip and front of my left hip that was exacerbating my imbalances and causing lower back tightness. He has treated those problems with chiropractic adjustments and by demonstrating and prescribing foam roller routines. He’s also having me work on areas that are peripheral to where my symptoms are, but that are contributing to poor mechanics and the pain I’ve been experiencing. As a direct result, I’m more comfortable and able to maintain better posture and a higher power output.

Dr. Hosmer knew almost instantly what was contributing to he pains I was feeling and how to deal with them. He was able both to treat them as an excellent, knowledgeable chiropractor and as a cycling expert. After the adjustments, my body experienced relief and, thanks to his cycling knowledge, I’m now able to prevent that discomfort from returning.

On the training side, I’ve started working with Josh Liberles, who is a cycling coach for Hosmer Chiropractic. He’s helping me to look at my training as a year-long, organized system instead of approaching my training in the more haphazard manner I have in the past. I’m confident that this guidance will push me towards my best season yet”.

For more about the HPChiro-RPM Mortgage Cycling,  check out the team website and Facebook page.