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HCH Elite Racing Team – Joshua Liberles

By: Phil DeVasto


Josh Liberles runs the HPChiro-RPM Mortgage cycling team, and he’s also no stranger to the sharp end of a wide array of cycling races – a fact borne out by his 2012 OBRA time trial championship title, slew of podium performances in road races and criteriums, and his 2010 and 2011 OBRA Best All Around Rider titles.

Josh seems to live to ride and race, and he’s on his bike year-round. He worked as editor of Cyclocross Magazine for three years, and although he loves ’cross, it’s the discipline that tweaks his body the most. He worked together with Dr. Hosmer to create some great cyclocross-specific print and online content to keep people’s bodies in good health despite the constant pounding, twisting, turning – and crashing.

Josh works closely with Dr. Hosmer and the Hosmer Chiropractic staff to keep his cycling momentum steaming ahead, and here’s what he had to say about his experience.

From Josh:

Seth initially treated me for some alignment issues I was experiencing after a crash in a criterium race. He sped me along the road to recovery and getting back to racing, but along the way he also diagnosed a slight leg-length discrepancy.

After helping me to get a reasonable x-ray, Seth confirmed that the difference was in the length of the bones, and he shimmed one of my shoes to compensate. I’m now more comfortable and a little more efficient on the bike – and every bit helps.

Seth’s background as an athlete and a cyclist means that he can not only treat problems, but can also find and correct the underlying issues coming from the sport.

I do a reasonably good job of stretching, regularly using a foam roller and doing some off-bike conditioning – and Seth has recommended some of those poses and routines – but every month or two my body tightness has accumulated beyond a point that I can correct myself, and it’s time for treatment. Seth will expertly make any chiropractic adjustments I may need, and I’ve also worked with three of the staff massage therapists to bring muscular relief. While each therapist has a somewhat different approach, they’re all excellent and attentive – I always emerge with better-functioning hip flexors and a relatively loose lower back.

For more about the HPChiro-RPM Mortgage Cycling, check out the team website and Facebook page.