HCH Elite Racing Team – Tym Lang

By: Dr. Seth Hosmer, DC

Jonathan McCoy

Photo Credit: Mark Blackwelder

Born in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Tym felt the siren song of the hills ever since. Always better at going uphill than down, his earliest cycling memory is riding down a hill by his childhood home. And crashing.

From there, bikes were central to his life – from working in shops to messengering in NYC and SF to, finally, racing in the Bay Area and Portland in 2010. He has quickly moved through the ranks, and the freshly-minted Cat 2 will look to progress to Category 1 and dominate climbs and stage races along the way.

Tym relies on Hosmer Chiropractic’s services to help make his dreams a reality – both in getting a bike fit that has helped his performance, and getting treatments for some nagging physical ailments. Tym sent us this note to describe his experiences:

From Tym:

I had some back tightness, and Dr. Seth Hosmer has shown me both foam roller techniques as well as stretches to help. He also diagnosed that I need custom insoles, which he will be making for me at a later date. Until I met with Dr. Hosmer, I was only somewhat aware that my back needed work, and I was unaware of the extent of my foot issues.

In the interim, I have followed Seth’s suggestion to switch to some insoles with more support, and that has alleviated my foot discomfort. Expert fitter Joe Holcomb joined Seth to adjust my position and to immediately improve my pedal stroke.

Seth works with a variety of people – not just cyclists. But his intimate understanding of the physiological demands of the sport helps Seth to spot problems that others might overlook, and his work has already helped me to improve as an athlete.

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