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Holiday Wine Picks

By: Phil DeVasto

wineSo you have your holiday dinner menu set but you’re still searching for the perfect wine to impress your guests with? Don’t find yourself settling for some unknown bottle from Trader Joe’s, check out what I will be sharing with my friends and family this year.
2010 Grochau Cellars Pinot Noir “Willamette Valley”
This wine has benefitted from some age and is drinking beautifully right now. 2010 was a great year for Oregon pinot and John’s wine is a perfect example. Cranberry, cherry, and a hint of cinnamon on the nose followed by nice acidity and a raspberry fruit finish. I’ll be drinking this while exploring the cheese board.

2011 Buckman Wine Co. Riesling “Willamette Valley”
If the mere mention of riesling conjures images of cheap and overly sweet wine, you are in for a surprise. As Bruce from Vino puts it “do not fear the riesling, embrace the riesling”. This wine is bone dry and should get your palate going crazy with lots of apple, pear, and lime zest. The winemaker is Matt Berson from Love & Squalor; if you haven’t tried his Fancy Pants Riesling yet, do yourself a favor and find a bottle of that too. This guy knows how to make riesling!

2011 Guild Winemakers Rhone Blend
This beauty comes on tap from the SE Wine Collective. Bring your own 32oz growlette or buy one there and enroll in their La Growlette program. Buy 10 wine growler fills, get the 11th for $1. Delicious local wine, affordable price, yes please!

2011 Cascade Brewing Vlad The Imp Aler
Wait, what is a beer doing on the wine picks list? Well this one was aged in wine barrels so I think it is appropriate. If you haven’t had a sour beer yet, get ready to have your mind blown. This is a blend of Quad, Spiced Blond, and Tripel ales that are aged in bourbon and wine barrels for 2 years. Look for tart red cherry, hints of spice, and a nice light oak.

The GC and Buckman wines can be found at my favorite wine shop in town, Vino. Bruce knows his stuff and can guide you to a few other great wines as well! The Guild is available on tap at the SE Wine Collective. While you are there try a glass of Corey’s 2012 Jackalope Wine Cellars Cabernet Franc. For a bottle of the Vlad or any of their other sour beers, visit Cascade Brewing Barrel House, and be sure to taste a few other sours while you are there.

Happy Holidays!
Dr. DeVasto