Kinespirit Circle – Gyrotonics & Pilates Studio

By: Jen Goff-Hawkins

The following post is guest-written by Amy, Studio Manager of Kinespirit Circle. Hello Hosmer Chiropractic Community! My name is Amy Healy and I am the Studio Manager at Kinespirit Circle: Pilates + Gyrotonic, located one block away from Hosmer Chiropractic Health. I am excited to share why we are so passionate about Pilates + Gyrotonic and how we could be wonderful complement to the services at Hosmer Chiropractic Health. First…

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doctor supplements antibiotics

4 Ways to Restore Your Gut After Antibiotics

By: Dr. Krista Brayko, Naturopath

6 minute read. Maintaining proper balance of healthy gut flora – the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts – is a crucial, yet widely overlooked component of human health. While the inception of antibiotics has lengthened lifespans, our excessive and often unnecessary use of these medications account for adverse, long-term health consequences. “Antibiotic” literally translates as “against life,” and their objective is to eliminate the “bad”…

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