Perspectives on Pregnancy: Third Trimester

By: Dr. Jessi Gradin, DC

Third Trimester – Weeks 27 – 40 Before we get started I want to address something. It has been brought to my attention that not every birthing person identifies as, nor do they want to be called, mom. Mom is a title I have used quite a bit in my previous blog posts to address all persons carrying a baby. I’m grateful to this person informing me that my words…

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The Active Hip Airplane!

The hip airplane is a great exercise for enhancing your balance, strength, coordination, glute activation, and joint mobility all at the same time. This exercise helps to encourage a strong, stable spine while also moving through full internal and external rotation of the hip joint. Great for runners, cyclists, weight lifters, and anyone who does dynamic movements. Perform 1-2 sets, 5-15 repetitions at the end of the workout. For more…

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The 4 Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

By: Craig Fitzpatrick

Hey everyone, It’s Craig Fitzpatrick, the newest Chiropractic Assistant (CA) at Hosmer Chiropractic Health. Two weeks ago, my fellow C.A. Dan Lauth and I became Certified Functional Movement Techniques Providers in both Basic and Performance Kinesiology Taping. Cool, right? Aren’t you impressed? “Sorry, Craig. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” No problem! Hopefully this blog can give you a better understanding of what kinesiology tape is and how…

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