Vancouver, BC Trip

By: Dr. Seth Hosmer, DC

Last weekend I traveled up to Victoria BC with Dr. Jelen.  In addition to visiting a beautiful city, the main reason we were going up was to take a class with a legend in the field, Dr. Len Faye.  Dr. Faye has been instrumental in the profession, working tirelessly on improving the assessment of the body as a closed kinematic chain.  And get this – Dr. Faye earned his Chiropractic license in 1959.  Do the math, he has been a Chiropractor for 60 years!

When I was in practice for about a year, I looked forward to being in practice 10+ years because I figured at that point, I’d have it all figured out.  Now in my 12th year of practice, I now realize just how much more there is to learn, especially from somebody that has been practicing for 60 years.  Can you tell that I was excited to be there?

In a nutshell, Dr. Faye helped us work on our evaluation and adjustment techniques for a variety of conditions as well as being a resource for specific questions that we had.  The class was primarily hands-on, so we had opportunities to practice with each other.  I left the seminar inspired – again – to do an even better job with each and every patient that I work with.