Covid-19 Safety Measures

We strongly support measures to keep everybody safe during the pandemic, and wanted to share our policies with you regarding COVID-19. We are doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus, and consider it a potentially serious health threat to many of our patients and family members.

Overall, it does seem like the there is some positive news about the pandemic. However, we are definitely not done with it yet, and we don’t know when it will be “done”. In the meantime, here are some of the steps we are taking to keep each and every patient as safe as possible.

Staff – Most of our treatment providers have been fully vaccinated. We each take our temperature daily when we report for work, and do not remain at work if it is elevated or we have any of the other CDC-identified signs if COVID-19 infection. We are following all other personal habits identified by the CDC as helpful in limiting transmission such as hand washing, surface cleaning, etc.

Clinic – One of the most important things that we did was make a big investment in our HVAC setup at both clinics, so that the air handlers all have UV air sterilizers. This means that all clinic air at all times is being circulated through UV chambers, which is the only way to kill viruses that are airborne. We did this immediately – it just made sense to us. We also space all of our visits out, so that the treatment rooms generally sit empty for 15 min between treatments so that there is no stagnant air. Spacing appointments out also allows us to stagger appointments and limit the number of people in the clinic at any one time. We are also following all CDC guidelines regarding cleaning surfaces, laundry handling, physical distancing, etc.

Patients – All patients are being screened over the phone for COVID-19 symptoms, recent travel, exposure to others that may have COVID-19. Upon presenting for treatment at the clinic, all patients answer the screening questions for COVID-19, have their temperature taken, and wash hands or use hand sanitizer. Patients who do not meet the screening criteria are asked to re-schedule their visit. Of course, masks are compulsory at all times for patients and staff regardless of vaccination status.

If you have specific questions, please call the clinic and we’ll get it sorted – we’re here for you!

The Pearl District: 503-227-2279

Multnomah Village: 503-293-3001

Our goal is to give patients a chance to improve their health.