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Holy hand tightness and pain, Batman! It seems everyone and their brother’s cow these days has some kind of hand and wrist issue going on. It’s almost as if we are spending too much time on our computers and smartphones. . . .Ha! No, that can’t be it. No way. That’s ridiculous.

Whatever the cause, we have got to find ways to prevent tightness at the hands and wrist, because over time it can lead to destruction of these important joints (carpal tunnel, arthritis, etc.)

Now, not all hand and wrist pain is a result of tight hand and wrist/forearm muscles. Believe it or not, poor posture (rounded and slumped over shoulders, forward head) can cause our nerves (and veins) to get pinched and blocked. This can result in: pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, stiffness (you get the picture) anywhere from our neck down to our arms.

The Egoscue forearm stretch targets not only the muscles of the forearm, wrists and hands, it also helps to stretch the tight front shoulders, and engage the correct postural of the upper back, and (!) restores curve to out lower back (something that we tend to loose with all that sitting in front of a computer screen). BAM! How do you like me now?! (I hope a lot because much of my happiness is based on other people’s approval.)