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Yet another article shaping perspective and recommendations for runners:

Link: Does Foot Form Explain Running Injuries

The title is confusing: things that comes to mind when the term "foot form" is used involve arch height, foot flexibility, pronation, things along those lines.  Instead, what this article is talking about is the way that your foot contacts the ground when you are running, more commonly referred to as "foot strike".  

The article looks at rates of injury among the men's and women's distance running teams at Harvard University, and sorts the rates of injury by foot strike habits.  They found that those in the heel strike had approximately a twofold greater risk of injury than the forefoot strikers. 

That is not to suggest that everybody should switch over to a forefoot running style – there are many considerations that go into such a big change in technique.  But, it does give additional food for thought regarding running technique and likelihood of injury.