Sports Chiropractor for Athletes

At Hosmer Chiropractic Health, we are athletes so we understand the needs of athletes. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, amateur athlete or top professional, we are passionate about helping you perform at your best. A leading sports chiropractor in the Portland community, Hosmer Chiropractic Health works with all types of athletes, and has extensive experience with:

Benefits of Chiropractic for Athletes

Sports chiropractors Seth HosmerPhil DeVasto, and Justin Jelen understand the unique demands placed on athletes. We can provide comprehensive care to help:

  • Speed your return to your sport or favorite activities following an injury
  • Address nagging injuries to reduce pain and improve performance
  • Identify potential issues or performance limiters (for example, muscular imbalances, mobility limitations, connective tissue health considerations) that may lead to injuries and provide strategies for addressing them

Fine-tune Your Body for Top Performance

Whether you are currently struggling with an injury, or simply want to ensure that your body is properly balanced and tuned for performance, Hosmer Chiropractic Health can help.  We carefully listen to your challenges and goals before recommending an individualized treatment plan that may include:

  • Bodywork, including soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation and massage
  • Nutrition advice
  • Self-care exercises, such as foam rolling, trigger point work or stretching

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