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Make your Neck stronger without moving it!

Understatement of the year: Our necks are pretty important. We rarely do anything to stretch it (unless it’s tight) and the only exercise it gets is a side effect from other exercises.  

That needs to change.

I’m not saying your have to include “neck day” in your weekly workout routine, but you do need to give the Ol’ neck some attention.   

Isometric/Static Neck Strengthening Exercises are a great way to gently start conditioning anyone’s neck.  These exercises are particularly good to help with people who are recovering from neck injuries, and need something gentle to start strengthening the neck.  As the name implies, it is a “static” exercise, which means the neck doesn’t move, but the muscles certainly are engaging and becoming stronger.

Start gently, say with about 20% of maximum contraction, and you can gradually increase repetitions and intensity as time goes on.