Our Story

Hosmer Chiropractic Health was founded in 2007 by Dr. Seth Hosmer. With two locations in the Pearl District and Multnomah Village of Portland, Oregon, we offer treatment for a wide variety of conditions including:

Sports Injuries


Chronic Pain


Car Accidents


Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

General Musculoskeletal Aches and Pains

General Musculoskeletal Aches and Pains

Repetitive Overuse Injuries

Repetitive Overuse Injuries

Our Story
  • Our Chiropractic Treatment Philosophy Is Based On Three Main Principles:

    Understand the patient, their medical history, and goals for treatment.

  • Provide safe and effective treatment.

  • Educate the patient so that they understand their condition, and learn how to minimize the likelihood of a future recurrence.

Our Mission

Our number one mission is helping patients. Our goal isn’t to keep you dependent on having to schedule visits forever. We don’t just give you treatment, we also give you the education and the tools to maintain your own health as much as possible and get back to the lifestyle you love.

We want you to be comfortable and confident with your healthcare choices, so we offer complimentary consultations for new patients so you can meet our doctors and ask questions about your treatment options. If we feel that you would be better served by seeing another provider, we have extensive contacts in a variety of other specialties.

To get an idea of the kinds of issues we solve, check out our blog for extensive education about things you can do at home to improve your health and mobility.

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Our goal is to give patients a chance to improve their health.

Our Doctors

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  • Dr. Seth Hosmer,

    Dr. Seth Hosmer,DCPearl District

    Dr. Seth Hosmer,

    Dr. Seth Hosmer,DCPearl District

    Dr. Seth Hosmer earned his B.A. cum laude from Oberlin College and his Doctorate cum laude from the University of Western States. He is highly regarded in the Portland area as a leading Chiropractor working with a wide range of conditions and patients. Dr. Hosmer is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), which is regarded as one of the most complete and effective treatment techniques for soft-tissue injuries. He was also invited to be an instructor for ART classes in 2014. Dr. Hosmer serves as adjunct faculty for both the University of Western States, as well as Palmer Chiropractic College, bringing students in to his clinic to give them real world experience.

    Dr. Hosmer has extensive experience with sports, sports injuries, and the challenges of being a competitive athlete. He has been racing bicycles and competing in Triathlon for over 17 years, and sponsors several local teams including Hosmer Chiropractic Health/RPM Mortgage Cycling Team and the Olympia Cycling Team. He has won numerous State and Regional Championships and has raced nearly every discipline including Road, Track, ‘Cross, and Mountain Bikes. He is the current hour record holder at the Alpenrose Velodrome.

    Dr. Hosmer has also participated in numerous sports over the years including Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, and Ice Hockey. He is also currently active with cycling, trail running, functional strength training, kettlebells, and Yoga. His diverse experience with sports and sports injuries gives him first-hand knowledge of what specific treatment it takes to return to your sport, along with techniques for minimizing the likelihood of re-injury.

    A native of New Hampshire, Dr. Hosmer moved to Oregon in 2004, and lives in Portland with his wife Danielle, and sons Max and Ben.


  • Dr. Philip DeVasto,

    Dr. Philip DeVasto, DCMultnomah Village

    Dr. Philip DeVasto,

    Dr. Philip DeVasto, DCMultnomah Village

    As a high school athlete, Dr. Philip DeVasto experienced the benefits of chiropractic treatment and was impressed with how efficiently he recovered. After earning his undergraduate degree, he decided to pursue his doctorate in chiropractic and moved across country to Portland, Oregon; in 2010 he graduated cum laude from The University of Western States. He currently serves as adjunct faculty for the University of Western States and mentors qualified students through their preceptorship programs.

    With a love of sports, Dr. DeVasto naturally gravitated to chiropractic sports medicine, and that interest led to further certification in Active Release Technique (ART). He had the privilege to apply these skills with many great athletes as part of the ART Ironman treatment team in Coeur d’Alene, the Portland Rev3 Triathlon team, the Warner Pacific University Men’s basketball team and many other professional athletes. Although he has experience with elite level performance, Dr. DeVasto enjoys helping every patient optimize their function, and happily discusses nutrition, diet and healthy cooking.
    Philip DeVasto

    In addition to sports medicine, he also enjoys discussing nutrition, diet, and cooking ideas with his patients to help them achieve optimal health. When he is not treating patients, Dr. DeVasto spends his time racing cyclocross, skiing at Mt. Hood, hiking in the gorge, shopping the local farmers markets, running in Mt. Tabor, wine tasting in the valley, and trying new local restaurants.

    Dr. DeVasto met his wife Amanda in Portland, and together they spend their free time exploring the Pacific Northwest. They enjoy mountain biking, skiing, exploring new hikes, shopping the local farmers markets, improving their yoga practices, and after all that activity, they recharge by wine tasting in the valley and savoring the tasty offerings of new local restaurants.

    Phil Amanda

  • Dr. Sydney Rowan,

    Dr. Sydney Rowan,DCPearl District

    Dr. Sydney Rowan,

    Dr. Sydney Rowan,DCPearl District

    Growing up in beautiful, sunny Colorado, Dr. Sydney Rowan discovered her love for the outdoors at a young age. She grew up participating in competitive volleyball and swimming, and has since maintained a passion for health and wellness. Sydney attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a pre-medical emphasis.

    After moving to Portland in 2016, she discovered the world of chiropractic, and she knew instantly that this was the career she was meant for. She graduated from the University of Western States summa cum laude in 2019 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Sports Medicine.

    SydneyWhile obtaining her chiropractic degree, she furthered her education with outside courses and certifications in Active Release Technique (ART), McKenzie Diagnostic Technique (MDT), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), and Motion Palpation Institute (MPI). Throughout her clinical and educational experience, she developed a focus on rehab based chiropractic care in order to educate her patients and give them the tools they need in order to accomplish their goals.

    In her free time, Dr. Rowan enjoys exploring the trails of Forest Park with her chocolate lab, Oliver, hiking, and discovering all that Portland and the surrounding area has to offer!

  • Dr. Kevin Yurkish,

    Dr. Kevin Yurkish,MS, DCPearl District

    Dr. Kevin Yurkish,

    Dr. Kevin Yurkish,MS, DCPearl District

    Dr. Kevin Yurkish grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, the farthest north of Canada’s large cities. This is where he developed interests in hockey, volleyball, snowboarding and rugby.

    His education began at the University of Alberta, where he received his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, graduating on the Dean’s List. In his final year he worked as the athletic therapist for the University’s Men’s Soccer Team. As the team’s primary medical provider, Dr. Yurkish traveled across Canada consulting with medical doctors, physical therapists and coaches to manage care for the athletes.

    Dr. Yurkish continued on to graduate summa cum laude from the University of Western States, finishing at the top of his class. During this time he also earned his Master’s of Science in Sports Medicine. This opportunity granted him the experience to treat professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes at different marathons, triathlons, tournaments and races.

    He really enjoys getting people into or back into living a healthy lifestyle. Living easy shouldn’t be so hard, and he enjoys finding ways to help people do the things they love. If you’re trying to get back into weightlifting, running, or hiking- but feel limited by your injury, he can help get you back on track!

    What are Dr. Yurkish’s goals?

    • Run a sub 1:20 half marathon
    • Learn how to play the piano
    • Read more non-“Sci-Fi” literature
    • Hike to the top of Mt. Hood
    • Bike commute to work more regularly

    Evidence-based medicine is incorporated into Dr. Yurkish’s daily practice, and he is devoted to treating every patient like an elite athlete. He is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS); he is also trained in Graston, McKenzie, and K-Tape methods.

    During his time off, he volunteers in the Emergency Department at OHSU and he was recently invited to treat athletes at the NCAA Division 1 National Track and Field Championships at Historic Hayward Field.

  • Dr. Arden Freedman,

    Dr. Arden Freedman,DCPearl District

    Dr. Arden Freedman,

    Dr. Arden Freedman,DCPearl District

    Dr. Freedman received his BS from Cornell University and his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States. Growing up, he was a devoted soccer player, which led to a series of sports injuries. Through the utilization of Chiropractic, he was able to continue playing competitive soccer throughout his undergraduate studies. This positive experience led him to become a Chiropractor. He strives to help people live more enriched lives and has found his passion in helping eliminate the barriers that stop people from doing what they love.

    Through personal experience, Dr. Freedman has gravitated towards an integrative approach to care with an emphasis on adjusting and soft tissue treatments, as well as targeted exercises that get to the root of the problem. He believes that his job is not only to help people heal, but to also give them the necessary tools and knowledge they need to empower themselves into feeling even better than they did pre-injury. Dr. Freedman has a strong interest in understanding the cause of an injury, which has led him to study human biomechanics. This interest has led him through training by the Prague School of Rehabilitation in the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization as well as becoming a certified yoga instructor. He has also completed training in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, which is especially efficient at treating disc herniations.

    Dr. Freedman was drawn to the Pacific Northwest by his love of mountains and the outdoors! You can find him rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, camping with his partner and their dog, River!

  • Dr. Jessi Gradin,

    Dr. Jessi Gradin,DCMultnomah Village

    Dr. Jessi Gradin,

    Dr. Jessi Gradin,DCMultnomah Village

    Dr. Jessi Gradin is a native Pacific Northwesterner who loves sports, mountain biking with her husband Ty, playing soccer in the park and walks with their 6 year old golden retriever, Layla. A recent cum laude graduate of the University of Western States, she is enthusiastic about chiropractic practice, and particularly enjoys integrating the patient’s goals for recovery or lifestyle enhancement into their overall treatment plan. Dr. Gradin has extensive training in Active Release Technique (ART) and will be full-body certified as of September 2020. Her training also includes: McKenzie and Activator methods, K-Tape, Graston, cupping and Neurodynamics. She feels passionate about the combined benefit of chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue approaches and rehabilitation exercises for treatment of pain and joint injuries.

    Dr. GradinDr. Gradin completed her chiropractic residency at Hosmer Chiropractic Health under the guidance of Drs. Joyce McClure and Phil DeVasto. Many of Dr. McClure’s patients met with and transferred care to her during this time, but Dr. Gradin looks forward to getting to know each of you, and to continue the work you have established with Dr. McClure.

  • Dr. Cooper Adams,

    Dr. Cooper Adams,DCMultnomah Village

    Dr. Cooper Adams,

    Dr. Cooper Adams,DCMultnomah Village

    It was specifically Dr. Cooper Adams’ personal experience in treating his own lower back injury that led him to pursue a career in chiropractic care. As an athlete, he understands what it’s like to be injured and knows what it takes to help you recover stronger than before. He started out in athletic training and rehabilitation at Hastings College, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology. Dr. Adams was a part of the college baseball team and college golf team while at Hastings College. He then pursued both a Masters of Science in Sports Medicine and Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. Dr. Adams is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP).

    He brings both his clinical and personal experience in sports medicine and rehabilitation to provide the highest level of care for every patient he sees. He has a passion for keeping people active and making sure that they are on track to reach their personal goals. Whether it’s getting back the sport you love, being able to keep up with your children, or simply getting through the workweek pain-free, Dr. Adams will be by your side along the way. Dr. Adams stays up to date with the most recent scientific literature and treatment techniques to optimize your care. Dr. Adams has extensive training and is certified in Active Release Technique (ART). His training also includes experience with the McKenzie Diagnostic Technique, the Stuart McGill Method, Dynamic Neuromuscular Systems (DNS), and STECCO Fascial Manipulation.

    Dr. Cooper Adams, wife Chloe, and dog, Harper.A native of Eagle, Colorado, Dr. Adams now lives in Portland, OR with his wife, Chloe. When Dr. Adams isn’t treating patients, he enjoys spending his time outdoors trail running, hiking, playing golf, rock climbing, snowboarding, fishing, camping, and throwing the ball for his dog, Harper.

  • Dr. Tylor Justin,

    Dr. Tylor Justin,DCPearl District

    Dr. Tylor Justin,

    Dr. Tylor Justin,DCPearl District

    Dr. Tylor Justin earned a degree in Exercise Science at Lincoln Memorial University in beautiful eastern Tennessee. At LMU, he was a student athlete for four years as a part of the Men’s Lacrosse team. Tylor made Dean’s List 6 of 8 semesters at Lincoln Memorial. He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Campus. Dr. Justin was trained in Palmer Package, a form of chiropractic care that includes philosophical ideals from the founder of chiropractic, as well as techniques such as diversified, drop table, and Gonstead. Some of Dr. Justin’s further training includes ART, kinesiotaping, motion palpation, active and passive rehabilitation, and graston.

    Dr. Justin’s passion for chiropractic began after experiencing low back injuries while competing in college. He worked closely with chiropractors to rehabilitate his injuries and stay healthy throughout his career at LMU. This eventually led to his pursuit of a chiropractic career, in order to be a part of someone else’s journey to a pain free life. Dr. Justin believes that through education, treatment, and rehabilitation that he can help patients to live a more comfortable and pain free lifestyle.

    Dr. Tylor Justin was born in Buffalo, New York but has spent the majority of his life in central Florida. Now being new to the Portland area, he is excited to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest and see all that it has to offer. In his free time Dr. Justin enjoys many forms of exercise: running, lifting weights, hiking, and snowboarding. Other hobbies include camping, live sporting events, and concerts.

  • Dr. Charlene McMeeken,

    Dr. Charlene McMeeken,DCPearl District

    Dr. Charlene McMeeken,

    Dr. Charlene McMeeken,DCPearl District

    Dr. Charlene McMeeken grew up in a small town of northern British Columbia where she developed a love of the outdoors through hiking, camping and snowboarding, and played every sport she could, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. During her teens, she received a handful of injuries but living in such a rural location there were no chiropractors or physical therapists around to help in her recovery so she began to try and learn how to help herself get back to sports. She went on to pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, during this time she had the opportunity to perform practicum training in multiple physical therapy and chiropractic clinics, and time working with many strength and conditioning coaches, all of which reinforced her desire to help people recover from different type of musculoskeletal complaints. While finishing her kinesiology degree, Dr. McMeeken worked as a team trainer for the Calgary Buffaloes Hockey Association for three years, through which she was able travel across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, providing medical care and managing return to play care for hockey players of a variety of ages.

    She completed her graduate studies at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, where she graduated cum laude with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and her Master’s of Science in Sports Medicine. Upon graduating she went to work in Seattle, WA, where she had the opportunity to work in a rehab focused clinic which allowed her to provide patients with the tools to return to their sport, work, and hobbies by using stability training and weight lifting techniques in a safe and controlled manner. Dr. McMeeken has continued to develop her clinical skills and her education with training in Active Release Technique (ART), Motion Palpation Institute, and Hawkgrips IASTM. Dr. McMeeken likes to keep up to date on current scientific literature and utilizes her sports medicine training to help all of her patients return to their favorite sports and activities. She likes to emphasize the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for long-term health, and works with her patients to find the best pathway for them to reach their goals.

    Outside of the clinic, Dr. McMeeken enjoys spending her time outdoors hiking, trailing running or snowshoeing with her rescue dog Daisy. She also enjoys travelling, strength training and finishing it off with tasting some of the wonderful wines the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Massage Therapists

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  • Sukho

    SukhoLead LMT Pearl District


    SukhoLead LMT Pearl District

    Sukho has been practicing massage in Portland, Oregon since 2003.  He completed his training at the COMTA accredited East West College of Massage. Sukho’s training includes: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage (pre and post event), Myofacial Release and Pre-natal Massage.  He approaches his individually tailored sessions with an emphasis on pain reduction and restoring the body’s natural movement patterns.  When this outcome is achieved, clients often report an overall reduction in stress and increased relaxation.

    Sukho believes movement is a vital component to a healthy and fulfilling life.  When he is not encouraging his clients in their own wellness journeys, Sukho enjoys playing with his son and daughter, running, cycling, and Crossfit.

  • Daiva

    DaivaCA, MT Pearl District


    DaivaCA, MT Pearl District

    Daiva began her journey as a spiritual and physical healer in her home country of Lithuania as a practitioner of Reiki and Aromatherapy. She relocated to Los Angeles eight years ago to continue on her education where she graduated from Bryman College of Massage Therapy. For the next six years she gained experience working as a massage therapist in a Chiropractic Clinic treating mainly longshoreman. During this time, Daiva greatly expanded her knowledge and skill applying techniques such as deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. She enjoys working on a variety of conditions, and is particularly skilled at releasing chronically tight and overworked muscle groups.

    In her leisure time Daiva enjoys reading, meditation, practicing Qi Gong, dancing, hiking and traveling.

  • Kyra

    KyraLMTPearl District


    KyraLMTPearl District

    Kyra graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts, in Portland, OR and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and Literature from Lewis and Clark College, also in Portland. Kyra blends modalities to suit each patient’s specific needs. She uses rehabilitative, relaxation, Thai, and Structural/Myofascial/Deep Tissue techniques to create patient specific and goal oriented sessions. Kyra loves to work with mamas and is certified in Pre- and Perinatal massage therapy by Carole Osborne’s Body Therapy Education. She studies Oncology touch methods for people with a history of living with cancer. She is an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist and an insured professional member of American Massage Therapy Association.   

    She has been a pro bono provider for various community wellbeing programs including the Returning Veterans Project (returningveterans.org), and Taking Care Portland (takingcareportland.com). She volunteers as a Harvest Leader with Portland Fruit Tree Project (portlandfruit.org), is excited to be learning about tree care, and loves to garden and cook.

    She has received training as a Wilderness First Responder and loves to be outside.

  • McKenna

    McKennaLMTPearl District


    McKennaLMTPearl District

    McKenna graduated with honors from the University of Western States Massage Therapy program and has been practicing massage since 2016. Her treatment style is versatile and tailored to each patient’s needs, from deep tissue to stretching to relaxation. She also has advanced training in Ashiatsu, a style of deep tissue barefoot massage (ie: walking on you!) McKenna keeps busy with a variety of recreational activities and obscure competitive sports.

  • Adah

    AdahLMTPearl District

  • David

    DavidLMTMultnomah Village


    DavidLMTMultnomah Village

    Originally from Oahu Hawaii, competitive road cycling brought David to Portland, Oregon in 2009. This sparked his interest in a sports and movement oriented career.

    David graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2013 and is actively licensed in Colorado and Oregon.

    Utilizing a variety of techniques ranging from myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage (pre/post event) and trigger point therapy, David creates a customized treatment for patient’s specific needs. David’s bodywork can best be described as rehabilitative and goal oriented to help restore the bodies natural mobility and balance.

    In David’s free time you can find him training or teaching Jiu Jitsu with his closest friends exploring the art of movement, timing and balance.

  • Jay

    JayLMTPearl District


    JayLMTPearl District

    Jay has been practicing massage since graduating from East West College of Healing Arts in the spring of 2021. His training includes deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular, structural deep tissue, and is a Somassage® practitioner. His approach emphasizes freeing restrictions in the fascial connective tissue allowing for effective movement, structure, and support. He focuses on helping clients to better connect their mind and body through movement which he incorporates in his sessions.

    Jay has fallen in love with Oregon since moving here in 2019. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the variety of landscapes and amenities this region has to offer with his partner. He also finds comfort being at home playing piano, knitting and weaving, or curled up with a good book.

  • Lacey

    LaceyLMTPearl District


    LaceyLMTPearl District

    Lacey got her start in the field of health as a personal trainer and group exercise teacher specializing in yoga for over 10 years. Her passion for health and well-being inspired Lacey to broaden her education in yoga and massage in the country of Nepal – an experience she will always cherish. Upon returning from her adventure in Nepal, she began her education in massage therapy at University of Western states. She specializes in therapeutic massage and treatment focused work.

  • Alexandra

    AlexandraLMTPearl District


    AlexandraLMTPearl District

    Alexandra is originally from Portugal but has called Portland home for the last twenty years. She has been deeply involved with the realm of body movement since she was a child. In her country, she practiced and competed in gymnastics for ten years. As a young adult, she performed in acrobatics, practiced Taekwondo and Akido until an injury to her back led her to seek therapies such as chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, and yoga as a means to ease her pain. Throughout the years these therapies and practices have yielded transformative experiences both at physical and emotional levels.

    Alexandra’s experience as a certified yoga instructor has allowed her to deepen her understanding of how to move muscles and joints through the limitations of pain and injury. Her love for traveling coupled with her desire to further her knowledge of how to create harmony between body and mind led Alexandra to spend two months in Thailand where she completed an intensive Traditional Thai Massage course. This was Alexandra’s first experience in taking the role of the provider rather than that of the receiver. This experience also led her to enroll at East West College of the Healing Arts to become a massage therapist.

    As a therapist, Alexandra’s goal is that her clients leave each session with a sense of well-being, better mobility, and a feeling of greater connectedness to their own body. When appropriate and with willingness from the client, Alexandra enjoys incorporating different techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Silicone Cupping, Thai Massage, and Tui Na in her massage sessions.

    When Alexandra isn’t teaching or massaging, she can be found traveling the world, learning languages, cultures, and people, rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, and singing.

  • Kristen

    KristenLMTPearl District, Multnomah Village


    KristenLMTPearl District, Multnomah Village

    Kristen is a graduate of East-West College of the Healing Arts, and a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is an East Coast transplant, and loves being a part of the Portland community! Kristen specializes in trauma informed care, with a medical/therapeutic style. As an Army veteran, she is experienced in working with people coping with trauma, PTSD and anxiety. Her goal is to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world while they are on her table! She uses multiple techniques to bring about physical healing in the musculature, from gentle work to deep tissue release. Kristen believes that good communication is the foundation for successful healing, and works closely with clients to discover the source of any pain or discomfort. Massage has given her a way to help others cope with their experiences in a safe, inclusive, understanding environment.

    When Kristen isn’t working or thinking about massage, she spends her time with family and friends. She loves to hike in the surrounding areas, visit the ocean, and travel any chance she can. She has three amazing (adult) children, and is blessed to have the two youngest living with her, who are also trans adults. So Kristen is personally familiar with many of the challenges the trans community faces, and considers herself an ally. Most of all, she feels that massage is her calling, and loves having the best job in the world!

  • Drew

    DrewLMTPearl District


    DrewLMTPearl District

    Drew became a massage therapist in 2009 in the Seattle area and has been practicing in Portland since 2017.

    Drew aspires to grow ever more present and trauma-informed in massage. They aim to share bodywork that promotes deeper awareness, capacity, and comfort in the nervous system; relaxation is a skill to be practiced.

    Drew tailors each massage to offer the most digestible blend from his skillset for the body at hand.

    People with anxiety or depression might benefit more from Craniosacral/Reiki/Swedish modalities, while athletes or crossfitters might enjoy louder stimulation from Deep Tissue/Shiatsu/Thai/Ashiatsu modalities to help listen to what has been suppressed.

    In his free time Drew enjoys songwriting, dance, indigenous ceremony, climbing, and stand-up comedy.

  • Tessa

    TessaLMT ManagerPearl District


    TessaLMT ManagerPearl District

    Tessa has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2011. Her approach to the body is unique in the fact that she focuses on the individual needs of each client. Her goals with each client are to help them rebalance and learn how their body works and functions. She uses a variety of techniques to treat that include unwinding, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, PNF Therapy, prenatal and postnatal, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and so much more.
    When she is not working with patients she loves to spend time outdoors camping, hiking, swimming and playing with her dogs.
  • Zander

    ZanderLMTPearl District

Chiropractic Assistants

  • Craig

    CraigCA, CPTPearl District


    CraigCA, CPTPearl District

    Having suffered a near fatal car accident, Craig understands not only the frustration and fear that come with a injury but also the importance of being listened to and cared for in recovery.

    Being able to help someone get out of pain and accomplish things they never thought they would be able to do is the greatest part of his job.

    As a personal trainer for over 19 years, Craig has worked with and helped everyone from young athletes to seniors, those with severe cardiac and/or musculoskeletal injuries, paraplegics, and those recovering from brain traumas.

    He has completed many certifications and courses, including: Exercise Coach and Lifestyle Coach with the CHEK (Corrective, Holistic, Exercise and Kinesiology) Institute, Grey Cook’s Functional Movement Screen (Both Advanced and General Populations), a Certified Personal Trainer with The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and many more.

    When he is not coaching, he loves acting and stand-up comedy (but only when they laugh). He also loves spending time with his family and trying to keep up with his 4 and 6 year old (who always make him laugh).

  • Sarena

    SarenaCA, CPTPearl District

  • Peter

    PeterCAMultnomah Village

  • Nat

    NatCAPearl District, Multnomah Village

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