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One of the things we hear from patients frequently, is that they need a good way to decrease neck pain. Though there can be many causes of neck pain, and this option may not be an appropriate intervention for ALL cases, the DaVinchi Tool is a great way to relieve uncomplicated neck pain and stiffness. This device helps treat two common causes of neck pain: the muscles and the joints.

The muscles are treated with compression, similar to a trigger point type of care. You can also do some small movements as you are using the DaVinchi
tool, and this may help you relieve even deeper layers of muscle.

The joints are treated with a type of joint stretch, which is accomplished by allowing your neck muscles to relax over the device. Once your neck has
relaxed, the DaVinchi Tool can help to improve extension (backward bending) of your neck.

Overall, when paired with a good neck mobility routine, the DaVinchi tool represents an effective way to improve the function of your neck, which typically also improves your pain levels. The video below shows some basic usage examples on how to use the DaVinchi Tool to decrease neck pain.

Here are a few tips to get you started with the DaVinchi Tool:

  • Start out with 1 session per day, 2-3 regions of your neck, and hold each point for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • After 1-2 weeks of this routine, increase the hold time on each point to a tolerable duration. Your goal, after weeks/months should be to achieve 2-5 minutes on each point.
  • Note that the longer you hold each point, the more likely it is going to produce soreness. This soreness may occur right after you are done with treating a region, or later that day or even the next day. Be gentle.
  • As you are getting comfortable with the DaVinchi Tool, feel free to add small movements over the device. For example: nodding, tilting, rotation, and combinations of each may
    be helpful.
  • The more sore each point is, the slower you go…both in terms of building up time, but also building movement.

Overall, the DaVinchi Tool is one of the most versatile and accessible ways to self-treat your neck pain. We have them available for purchase at our Clinics, and you can also find them online. There are additional resources and purchase options on the BodyBack Company Website. They also have a manual on their web site for the DaVinchi Tool with additional tips as well as treatment suggestions for other areas of the body.