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The following dynamic movement is often touted as one of the most challenging exercises a modern human can accomplish. Undoubtedly, our early ancestors would have shaken their heads in embarrassment at our inability to sit deep into a simple squat like a normal cave dwelling humanoid, and then simply stand up, especially without holding big rocks, logs or a prize bull elk over our heads.

That’s just what we are doing. We are going to practice sitting deep into a proper squat (our once natural resting position) and then we are going to raise our arms up over our heads and stand up. It’s going to feel like the hands of the universe are holding you back from this movement but once you master it, a whole new series of movement options become available and you are on the way to even better fitness and healthier, pain-free range of motion.

All kidding aside, the Boot Strap Squat to Y-stand, also known and adopted by mobility expert Gray Cook as the “Cook Squat,” is a great tool for improving ankle, hip, spinal, scapular, and shoulder joint range of motion. What we’re doing is simultaneously building better strength through your core, posterior shoulders, and your deep squatting muscles. Practically every muscle in your body is affected by this one movement, both in stretching and strengthening, and you will see amazing results from it.

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