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Whether or not you are a card-carrying member of the “tight quads” club or not, you probably should try out this stretch.  The effectiveness of this stretch lies in both its ability to dictate form – with the couch – but also allow you to floss through tight ROM by utilizing different movements.  As with most stretches, we typically do not recommend taking it end-range and gritting it out, but rather approach end range and then use a cross-plan movement to restore comfortable movement.

Grab a couch or chair and follow along!  Spend 2-3 min on one side, and then stand up and move a bit…you’ll be surprised at how different the side you’ve mobilized feels.

Some of the things that this stretch may help with include:

  • “Tight Quads” – obviously
  • Knee pain, under your knee cap
  • Pain in the front of the thigh or through the front of the hip
  • low back pain due to anterior pelvic tilt

Consider adding a few more mobility routines to your quiver to make those tight legs and hips supple: