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You probably already know to see your doctor at Hosmer if you have a sports injury, car accident, or just to maintain an active lifestyle, keeping your function high throughout life. But, did you know that chiropractic and pregnancy go together like peanut butter and jelly?! Pregnancy is a physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing time for everyone involved (especially expecting mom and baby)…but, fret not! You don’t have to go it alone.

The added stress of a pregnancy atop everyone’s existing stress load, can make things less than comfortable for mothers as the body changes rapidly to accommodate for the growing little one. In fact, comfort often becomes a foreign word to expectant mothers. Yet it has become ‘normal’ for excited new moms-to-be to be met with negative foreshadowing from friends and family about how terrible and difficult a time this will be. Newfound motherhood is an exciting time for moms, so why have we become accustomed to equating pregnancy with the negative and ominous outlook of expecting nine months of pain?!

Well, There Is Another Way!

(This is the part where the Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropracticors here at HCH come in + save the day!)

We’re here to keep expectant mothers as comfortable and as happy as possible throughout the journey, while empowering them to have the successful birth experience of their choosing. As the body changes, the bony, muscular, and neural structures of the spine and pelvis undergo increased strain and pressure often leading to pain or discomfort. Our special training allows us to gently work to restore the body’s structural and soft tissue balance, letting the baby and mom and baby move freely and joyfully into their new, loving relationship together.

The other focus during pregnancy is preparing the expectant mom and/or couple for the increased demand on the body with a newborn in the house. Countless times post-birth parents are shocked at the new aches and pains they have earned caring for their new blessing. Throughout the country, strategic chiropractic appointments prevent and relieve these issues that people think are simply part of the process.

Wondering if it is right for you or your family member? Below is a list of symptoms often helped by Prenatal Chiropractic. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but if you or an expecting loved one is dealing with any of these things, please pass this information along or call and schedule a consultation with one of our prenatal specialists at HCH!

Pregnant conditions that you don’t have to live with:

Low Back Pain


Lower abdominal pain

Thigh pain

Hip Pain


General tightness and stiffness

Round Ligament Pain

Neck or Mid Back pain (tight shoulders)

We will be focusing on more pregnancy-related topics in our upcoming newsletters. This time around we will be discussing one of the most common prenatal chiropractic complaints: the dreaded low back pain.

Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

It is well known that pregnancy and low back pain often go hand in hand. It has even been reported that approximately 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy! We as chiropractors are highly trained to treat and improve low back pain and improve functions of daily living. Why would pregnancy be any different?!

With specific pelvic and low back adjustments tailored for pregnant mothers to be, patient’s will often report a decrease in severity and frequency of symptoms, as well as an increased ability to function throughout their daily lives! It has even been shown that those that seek chiropractic care during their pregnancy can have a shorter duration of the labor and delivery process!

You all know how big we are on home care here at HCH and this is no different for our pregnant patients. We prescribe various stretches, activities, and strengthening exercises to ensure their bodies are prepared for the growing baby as well as the birthing process. When it comes to low back complaints, the home care will have a main focus on the pelvis. HCH recommends maintaining pelvic motion, especially focus on the sacrum and how it moves. Strengthening exercises focus on the core, pelvic musculature, and hips to help maintain stability and prepare the body for the birthing process.

If ever in doubt about something, do not hesitate to call and ask!! Stay healthy! Stay happy!