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Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a device, exercise or mobility routine that is designed to address spine stiffness…and believe me, I’ve tried them all! Most devices have at least some merit, but there is one that truly rules them all: the First Place 6 Pound Medicine Ball. There is simply nothing out there that does what this ball can do for your spine. This video goes through the basics of getting started:


  • Get your own medicine ball from the clinic, we keep them in stock, or order from the link above. We have tried TONS of other medicine balls, and they just don’t work as well (too hard, slippery, wrong diameter, etc).
  • When you first get your medicine ball, you’re going to want to let most of the air out of it. If it feels like your spine is being bruised by the ball, let more air out. If you’re crushing the ball, put a few more pumps of air in there.
  • If it feels like it “hurts good”, we’re happy with that.
  • If it hurts BAD – please stop and consult a healthcare professional because you may have an underlying condition that needs evaluation and management prior to this self-care routine.
  • After you’re done, consider laying on your back for a minute or two and focus on your breath to allow your body to relax, especially if you did an especially long or intense session.
  • Be patient. It took a long time for your back to achieve this level of stiffness, it will probably take a long time to get back to suppleness